Scholarship Specific Privacy Notices

Scholarship Specific Privacy Notices

Scholarships and bursaries are sources of funding offered by College. This page contains important and useful information for you to consider if you wish to apply for, and are granted, a scholarship or bursary awarded through the Student Financial Support team at Imperial College London. 

As a world leading institution competition for Imperial College’s scholarships and bursaries is very high. It is important that you are fully knowledgable of your, and the College’s, obligations before accepting an offer of an award.

Our undergraduate scholarships are for those who are both academically excellent and/or in financial need, and our undergraduate bursaries are awarded on financial circumstances only.  Postgraduate awards are based solely on academic excellence.

Our generous scholarships and bursaries are funded by donors from industry, philanthropic organisations, College, and our alumni to whom we owe great thanks to be able to continue supporting the future alumni of Imperial.

Before applying for funding

  1. You must quote your College Identifier (CID) number when corresponding with the College.
  2. The scholarships we offer are limited and highly competitive. You must have sufficient funding in place before enrolling on your course.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, the scholarships advertised are only available to prospective students applying for full-time courses.
  4. The award period will generally commence on the first day of the academic year which you have applied for (e.g. 1 October 2022).
  5. Scholarship applications will only be considered following an offer of admission. Only if you fulfil all the eligibility criteria (that is, if you meet the requirements) of the scholarship, will you be considered.
  6. If there is no separate scholarship application form to be submitted, we will use your admission application form and references provided. These documents may therefore also be passed to stakeholders involved in the selection process.
  7. Please do not send in supporting documents unless the scholarship application process specifically asks you to do so.
  8. Funding deadlines are strictly adhered to and any application received after the closing date will not be accepted.