Pilot Department Information

Imperial College Business School

The School operates a Classroom First approach to teaching. HyFlex Technology is embedded in most lecture theatres; in exceptional circumstances,  students are able to join live sessions remotely via zoom.

The My Imperial Campus App is being implemented for all cohorts commencing September 2023. The attendance check-in is being used to facilitate registration for in person attendance and to support the School's student visa sponsorship conditions. Information on how it is being implemented can be located here: Business School Attendance Monitoring App Presentation [PDF]

In-person Attendance: Students are required to attend a minimum of 75% of their classes in person. In-person attendance includes physical attendance at lectures and any other compulsory activities designated by the module leader or the school. Online Attendance: Students are allowed to attend up to 25% of their modules online via HyFlex, subject to the approval of the course instructor or the university. Online attendance is facilitated through zoom. Please note, it may not be possible for some modules to be streamed via HyFlex for operational or pedagogical reasons. Further information can be located in the School's attendance policy: Business School Attendance Monitoring Policy [PDF]

If you have a problem checking in to your timetabled event please report this to the Business School Team here: Unable to Check-In 

If you have any questions regarding the app, please contact BS Attendance Queries




Aeronautics will be joining the pilot in October 2023. Further information will be published here.


Bioengineering will be joining the pilot in October 2023. Further information will be published here.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering will be joining the pilot in October 2023. Further information will be published here.

Department of Computing

The pilot is being run with Undergraduate Year 1 and Year 2 Computing students. If you have an issue or difficulty with using the App, please contact Rituparna Saha, Teaching Support Manager, email:  r.saha@imperial.ac.uk

Communciation to Students

Subject: Attendance check-in to in-person teaching sessions

Dear Year 1 and Year 2 Undergraduate students

The Department of Computing are piloting the MyImperialCampus app with a selection of programmes that will capture attendance check ins at timetabled sessions to provide insights to support students and improve the overall learning experience.

We want to ensure that all students can receive the right support and guidance when they need it, which is why we are asking you to check-in at all of your in-person sessions. Checking in is your way of letting us know that you’re engaging with your studies, and if we notice that you haven’t done so, we will likely get in touch to check on your wellbeing and to see if you need some support.

The expectation is that you attend all your timetabled classes and use the MyImperialCampus app to check-in at all of these that are in-person.

The MyImperialCampus app is designed to register attendance for students joining in person only. You do not need to check-in at any online classes you may have. 

What you will need to do:

  1. Download the MyImperialCampus app. You can download the app from the Apple or Android app stores.
  2. Make sure your device allows permission for the app to access location services and Bluetooth (we recommend setting it to “only when in use”).
  3. Sign in to the app using your Imperial email address and password
  4. A list of your days timetabled sessions will appear under ‘My Events’ for the day
  5. Once you are in your scheduled lecture theatre select ‘Check In’
  6. The app will check you in and a confirmation screen will appear
  7. Check In will be available five minutes prior to the start of the session and remain available for check-in for the first 30 minutes of each session.
  8. If you arrive later than 30 mins from the timetabled start time of the sessions, you will not be able to check in and logged as absent.

 Please may I request all of you to start using this app from tomorrow 25 May. Please contact me in case of any questions or issues.

 Rituparna Saha

Dyson School of Design Engineering

The pilot is being run with MEng Design Engineering students. If you have an issue or difficulty with using the App, please contact Momo Rahim, Education Manager, email: m.rahim@imperial.ac.uk

Communication to Students

Subject: DE1-4: need your help with Dyson attendance monitoring pilot programme

Dear MEng Students,

I'm really pleased to let you know that Dyson is one of three departments at College that are taking part in a digital pilot scheme under the College student engagement insights project that factors attendance as an engagement and wellbeing tool. For those of you on study visas, Imperial has a duty to check attendance however across the board, we do this as a primary means of ascertaining if you're doing okay (and to step in and try to help you if not) and because your engagement on the degree is integral to you reaping the maximum benefit from the degree experience.

The system works by linking in with timetabling then pushing a notification out to student smart devices asking for check in at the time and when in vicinity of the teaching venue. It's powered by Bluetooth (same as your wireless earphones / computer peripherals) within range, so there is no active tracking or anything like that. Since it asks for check in, the user has to actually press a button to register anything. In that way privacy is observed. For those without smart devices or otherwise not wishing to take part, we'll operate a manual process (just working on that).

Since the term is fast ticking on by please may I ask that you download the following 'My Imperial Campus' app right away: for Android devicesGoogle Play Store, for iOS devices please visit the app store from your device and download 'My Imperial Campus':

Your 'check in' will be via that app and we see this as a big jump forward. At the moment we're focussed on summer term so DE1 and 2 especially, please get set and download that app without delay! By the way, a DE student has been part of the Imperial development team on this project.  And we were selected to be a part of the pilot because it was felt Design Engineering would add meaningfully to the project to help its wider roll out at College. That's pretty cool then that we get to shape the eventual deployment across College! Thanks so much for your help and participation. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes,


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering will be joining the pilot in October 2023. Further information will be published here.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences will be joining the pilot in October 2023. Further information will be published here.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering will be joining the pilot in October 2023. Further information will be published here.