Student regulations

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Regulations and Ordinances

The regulations and ordinances are used by the College to manage academic governance. These outline the College's approach to learning, teaching and assessment as well as applications and admissions, conduct and discipline and complaints and appeals. 

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The regulations are a set of documents which outline the responsibilities of students and the College with regard to degree programmes. The regulations are agreed annually by Senate and can be divided into four main categories:

  • Regulations for students

The regulations for students describe the College's expectations with regards to the responsibilities of registered students. These regulations apply to all students of the College.

  • General regulations

The general regulations outline the basic rules which govern degree programmes including entrance requirements, assessment and notification of results. These regulations apply to all students of the College.

  • Academic regulations

The academic regulations describe the principles by which the College manages and awards degrees including the requirements a student must meet in order to complete their programme of study. There are separate regulations for each faculty and type of degree.

  • Examination regulations

The examination regulations explain the methods by which the College ensures that assessments are fairly designed, marked and moderated. There are separate regulations for undergraduate and Master's level programmes, information related to the assessment of research degrees can be found in an appendix to these regulations.

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The ordinances are agreed by the College Council and give details of the College's legal framework. There are six ordinances and 'Ordinance E' (E1-5) relates to matters of student conduct and interaction with the College including student discipline and the College's procedure for dealing with complaints by students. The ordinances apply to all students of the College.

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