Our involvement in Solar System exploration

Imperial has a long history of involvement in some of humanity’s greatest space missions. Working with space agencies and fellow research institutions from across the planet, we have lent our skills to missions which seek to gain a deeper understanding of outer space – from the planets in our solar system, to far flung galaxies, and the vacuums in between. 

With Imperial’s space exploration activities only looking to strengthen in the years ahead, we have brought together a visualisation of missions within our Solar System that our scientists have played a key role within.

About the infographic

The infographic above gives a handy breakdown of the missions Imperial scientists have been involved in over the decades, showcasing the name, launch date and an illustration of the spacecraft. 

Below you will find more detailed information about each of the missions, including links to related articles and video interviews.

(For questions about this infographic, please contact Andrew Youngson, news and digital content editor).