Podcast: Making malaria history, psychedelics for depression and a new diet

April podcast


In this edition: We discover what it will take to eradicate malaria, how psychedelics affect the depressed brain, and how a new diet can keep us full.

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News: New medical school and dragonfly wings – We hear about Imperial’s new joint medical school with the University of Cumbria, and learn how dragonfly wing sensors could help us design better airplane wings.


Making malaria history – We meet Professor Faith Osier, who is taking a new approach to designing malaria vaccines by mimicking natural immunity, and also find out why the fight against malaria is so important to her.

Read more about Imperial’s work on malaria in our latest feature: 8 innovative ways Imperial is tackling malaria.


Psychedelics for depressed brains – We catch up with the latest research into how psilocybin– the active compound in magic mushrooms – helps the brains of depressed people get out of negative thought patterns.

You can also listen to an extended version of this interview.


The ‘Full’ Diet – We meet the author of the ‘Full Diet’ – a new regime based on a weight loss programme at Imperial – and one of the patients that took part in the dietary study.


(27 April 2022)