Podcast: Smashing atoms at the LHC, becoming a medic, and finding Arctic bees

October podcast


In this edition: We discover the latest science at the Large Hadron Collider, meet a medical student, and help the BBC find bees in Lapland.

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News: New health funding and Lates programme preview – We celebrate the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre receiving £95m to develop new treatments, technologies and diagnostics and branch into new areas, and look forward to the new Imperial Lates programme of science outreach events.


What’s new at the Large Hadron Collider – We catch up with Dr Mitesh Patel to find out what the LHC has found so far, what it’s still looking for, and what upgrades might allow researchers to discover.


Feeling like a scientist: the medical student – When does a scientist first start to feel like one? We continue our series exploring the careers of some of our scientists with Tani Akinmoladun, a medical student looking forward to applying science in a clinical setting.


Helping the BBC find bees in the Arctic – We hear about Dr Richard Gill’s adventures in Lapland, helping the Frozen Planet II team tell the story of his research subjects: bumblebees.


 (19 October)