Podcast: Space sounds, climate kitchen and landscapes through time

July podcast


In this edition: Making the magnetosphere audible, climate-friendly cooking, and exploring the Earth’s deep past.

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News: Life-like lasers and capturing carbon – We find out how much carbon dioxide has been removed from the atmosphere and stored since 1996 and discover how new ‘life-like’ lasers could enhance smart displays, novel lighting, and future computing.


Space sounds – Researchers can detect the way magnetic fields interact in space around the Earth, but the data can be quite abstract for people to understand. We meet Dr Martin Archer, who led a project to make the data audible, allowing people to hear space as never before and contribute to science.


Climate kitchen – Dr Charlotte Vrinten explains how people can eat a more climate-friendly diet, including eating more plant-based foods and reducing food waste.


Landscapes through time – As part of a series on the people behind our world-leading research, we meet Professor Sanjeev Gupta, who reconstructs landscapes through time, revealing everything from the catastrophic floods that separated Britain and France and what environmental conditions supported the ancient Indus civilisation.


(20 July 2022)