As well as the main Imperial College Podcast, podcasts are produced across the College by students and staff. Explore our range of audio offers below.

If you have a podcast you would like added to the directory, please contact Hayley Dunning.

Health and Medicine

Logo of a microphone over a background of blue screen

Science in Context

Science in Context is a web series where Sabine interviews an expert from the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis to discuss current topics providing insights into the team's work.

Two men in front of a logo of a bone

Bone Up

Bone Up is the first UK podcast about all matters of bone health. Prof David Armstrong (MD) and Dr Richard Abel (PhD) discuss bone health, bone disease and how we and our bones can live longer happier, and healthier lives. Patients, clinicians and scientists alike will all love the cast! 

Cartoon depictions of two hosts in front of genetic materials


Unlock the secrets of the genomics revolution with the DNA& podcast! Join Imperial scientists Hannah & Angelos to explore the impact of DNA on personalised healthcare. Designed for non-experts and sponsored by the UK Genetics Society.

Health and Medicine

A line drawing of the globe with the title JameelCast


The JameelCast showcases the latest developments in the world of public health, and the contributions from Imperial College London's Jameel Institute.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given many people a solid background in epidemiological theory, and now you can put that knowledge to use, learning more about some of the world's biggest public health challenges, from the experts themselves.

Blue square with a cartoon baby head outline and the title 'Baby Bites'

Baby Bites

Introducing Baby Bites: the podcast where experts break down neonatal research in just one minute sound and video bites! Join us as clinicians, scientists, and professionals simplify studies, papers, and projects, in a way everyone can understand. Whether you're a parent, stakeholder, or just curious, 'Baby Bites' is your one-stop source for bite-sized knowledge.

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Craving Clarity

Craving Clarity aims to shed light on global perspectives on addiction, offering a nuanced understanding and spotlighting the groundbreaking work taking place. We seek to promote diversity as a fundamental principle in fostering innovative strategies for tackling intricate challenges in addiction research and neuroscience.

Science and Technology

Helen Sharman against a red background describing the Zero Pressure podcast

Zero Pressure Podcast

Join Britain's first astronaut Helen Sharman on the Zero Pressure Podcast for a relaxing conversation with those on the cutting edge of science and technology.

Skull and crossed spoons on a purple background

Never Lick the Spoon

Never Lick the Spoon is a quirky podcast from the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering at Imperial College London that brings to life the teeny tiny world of molecules.

Logo for Science Actually, featuring a brain with googly eyes surrounded by headphones

Science Actually

In each episode of Science Actually we interview Imperial’s experts to find answers to our burning questions. We are tackling misconceptions and finding there is not always one answer. During the first season we explore some myths around the human body, diving into different aspects of student life. The second season revolves around the science that is shaping our future.

Science and Technology

Headphones surrounding a graphic of the Earth and its layers

The Core of Everything

Welcome to The Core of Everything, the podcast that discusses the basics of geology and how the rocks around us tie into everyday life. Join Jack and Mark, two PhD students at Imperial College London, for some down to Earth conversation on the basics of geology and the newest scientific discoveries.

A stylised robot head with a speech bubble in the middle and headphones around it

Robot Talk

Robot Talk explores the exciting world of robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous machines. Each week, Claire Asher chats with a robotics expert from academia, industry and beyond about their work and the future of robotics.

A purple logo with headphones, cogs, and the words 'MoM podcast'

Mechanics of Materials

The MoM podcast showcases research stories from the Mechanics of Materials division in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Find out how engineers make plastics more sustainable, reduce energy use in art conservation or create novel materials for lightweight vehicles.

Climate and Environment

Logo for Accelerating to a Better Future podcast, with an outline of a network

Accelerating to a Better Future

Accelerating to a Better Future celebrates the work of the Grantham Institute's Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme, sharing stories from successful entrepreneurs who have transformed bright ideas into useable products, creating prosperity and helping tackle climate change.

The Climate Papers logo, with wind turbines and tree roots

The Climate Papers

The Climate Papers brings together the best minds preparing for COP26, exploring the topics outlined in the COP26 Universities Network briefing papers. 

Low Carbon Conversations logo with a floating wind turbine

Low Carbon Conversations

From wind and solar to hydrogen and nuclear, in Low Carbon Conversations Cormac O’Malley explores the challenges and opportunities presented by clean energy technologies with a host of experts from Imperial College London. In each episode, Cormac and his guests delve into a different aspect of decarbonising the energy system, exploring broad challenges as well as specific technical problems and solutions.

Climate and Environment

A puppy in front of a microphone

Planet Pod gets to Net Zero

Planet Pod gets to Net Zero digs deeper into the science behind the net-zero target, and how achieving it will demand far-reaching changes in every sector. 

Tipping Points logo with a bird and a speech bubble containing a bird skull

Tipping Points

Tipping Points shares the personal stories of people who have become environmental activists. Those interviewed include scientists, journalists, Olympians, an actor, a priest, a police officer, a pilot, a vet, a chef and a teacher. 

A blue abstract logo reading 'New Frontiers in Climate Science podcast'

New Frontiers in Climate Science

New Frontiers in Climate Finance, a new podcast by the Centre for Climate Finance & Investment, explores how finance and investment can play a pivotal role in combating climate change. Here, we bring the research, insights, and expertise of the Centre's researchers and partners closer to our listeners. Each episode discusses cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, focusing on investment opportunities in clean tech and renewable energy, quantifying climate risk, funding resilient infrastructure, and more.  

Business and Career Insights

IB logo with phrase 'Imperial means intelligent business'

Imperial Business Podcast

Imperial Business Podcast includes episodes from students, career advisers and faculty at Imperial College Business School. Hear from experts on a variety of topics, from climate finance, technology, healthcare and more.

A cartoon hand coming out of a hole holding a magnifying glass

Inside IB

Inside IB is your guide to the ins and outs of student life at Imperial College Business School. Our Imperial host invites staff and students to share their insider experiences on what it’s like to study on our Master’s and MBA programmes.

Logo of Responsible: The Leadership Interviews

Responsible: The Podcast

In Responsible: The Podcast, Professor Celia Moore from Imperial College Business School invites leaders to share insights from their experience of transforming organisations and making societal impact. The qualities discussed can be embodied by everyone in an organisation, whatever their level. 

Business and Careers

Four people in front of a 'Black & Found' logo

Black & Found

Amplifying the voices of Black and Mixed-Black heritage founders, Black & Found explores the entrepreneurial journeys of individuals at different stages within the Imperial Entrepreneurship ecosystem and beyond.

Outline drawing of a women on a pink background


The Elevat(Her) podcast, set up by two Imperial PhD students, highlights achievements by women across many fields - from STEM and entrepreneurship to sports and arts - and invites them to share their experiences in overcoming some of the obstacles faced in their careers or other aspects of their lives.

A business school logo with the tagline Many minds make our future

Many Minds

Why does society need compassionate business leaders? How can we ensure working from home works for women? What is digital transformation and how can it benefit business?

Join Dr Omar Merlo, Associate Dean at Imperial College Business School, on the new IB Many Minds Podcast, where a diverse collection of researchers and industry experts will help you find the ideas, skills and confidence to make better decisions – whether that’s in relation to your business or your career.

Business and Careers

Purple simplified woman head-and-shoulders next to the podcast name

Too Long; Don't Listen (TL; DL)

TL; DL (Too Long; Don’t Listen) is an experience-sharing platform that showcases the inspirational stories of both international and UK-based professionals and documents the paths that led them to where they are today. From a politics graduate now working for Google in New York to a banker that took a sabbatical to cover the World Cup in Qatar, TL; DL podcast showcases the many avenues open to graduates today. 

Entrance of the Royal School of Mines showing staircase and crest

ESE EDI Podcast

Welcome to ESE’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) podcast. The aim is to talk with staff and students about various EDI-related topics. Through this podcast, the EDIC Committee aims to raise awareness of EDI, demystify processes and empower the ESE community to share their experiences.