Connecting alumni groups

Imperial’s network of alumni groups is global, connected and influential. Here’s how to get involved.

Illustration: Giacomo Bagnara

Illustration of people holding hands

How can you start a job search, look for new opportunities or find out what it’s really like to live on the other side of the world – during a global pandemic?

At Imperial, our global network of alumni groups has been key in helping alumni to stay connected, providing critical support and information.

“Our alumni community is global, connected and influential,” explains Chloe Lee (Biology 2017), of the Imperial College Alumni Association of Malaysia. “So if you are looking for a job, an internship opportunity or someone to fund your project or venture, or if you are just looking for someone who can go hiking with you, we can reach alumni who can help with just a phone call.”

Group events are also key – whether in person or online. Regional group leaders came together regularly this year, for instance, and a number of groups – such as in New York, Bristol, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo – held online events, attracting alumni from both the local and much wider community. “I’ve been part of many groups in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego,” says Panos Vagenas (Biochemistry 1999, MSc 2000, PhD Clinical Medicine Research 2003), “and I think the first thing we can offer is a sense of belonging.”

The network can help you ‘pay it forward’. As part of the College’s graduation project, groups were invited to record welcome messages and share their advice with 2020 graduates, as well as introducing their regional group over Zoom. Thirty-four volunteers took part, showing the warm welcome graduating students can expect from the alumni community, and the commitment from alumni groups to maintain a supportive, friendly network for recent grads.

Similarly, a call for alumni group volunteers to be virtual student recruitment ambassadors resulted in more than 60 international and UK alumni signing up to be Unibuddy volunteers, answering questions from prospective students about their experiences at Imperial.

And that network can also be invaluable when you’re looking to move on.

“I’ve been for an interview with someone in the Imperial network and the only way I found out about the opportunity was through that network,” says Pawit Chantaworakit (MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2017). “I know friends who have found jobs working with seniors in Imperial and friends who have done business with members of the Imperial networks.”

To get in touch with your local group leader, visit our Alumni Groups webpages. If there isn’t a group near you, why not start your own? Contact Eilidh Campbell in the Alumni Relations team to find out more.