Ready to test your little grey cells? Imperial’s best minds set the ultimate puzzle challenge.


What links the following sets:

Refused to kowtow in 1792, prosecuted Bubba, old Tippecanoe, the sealed-train traveller?

Very hard

What links the following sets:

Tawhid, Asian Tigers, Worthies, Chalcogens, funnier than 24?


What links the following sets:

Casement, David Jones, Stirling's (more-or-less), asterism, dog's bollocks?


All puzzles set by Felix Roberts from the Imperial Quiz Society.

How to enter:

The first 10 readers to send the correct solutions for two or more of the puzzles will be entered into a prize draw to win a book e-voucher for the value of £10.

Winners' names will be in Imperial 53 in December 2022, and solutions published on this page.

To enter, please email

Entries close on 31 August 2022.