Technology Refresh Programme

The Technology Refresh Programme (TRP) is a college-wide initiative that aims to resupply eligible staff members with modern specification desktop computers every five years. It will continually refresh the computer estate, retire obsolete equipment and equip staff with up-to-date technology so that they can keep on delivering world class teaching and research.

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To be eligible for a new PC under the Technology Refresh Programme your post must be at least 20% G code (HEFCE funded) on an open-ended employment contract. 

We aim to provide one replacement system every five years but, due to a limited annual entitlement for each administrative area and academic department, replacement is not guaranteed.

To enquire about eligibility, contact your departmental IT representative or the ICT Service Desk.

A newly appointed member of staff should expect to inherit the machine used by their predecessor. They will be eligible for renewal once the machine is 5 years old. New appointments in newly created permanent roles qualify under TRP for a new desktop and monitor.

We procure business class equipment from our preferred supplier HP Inc. through a central contract at discounted prices. The equipment is tried and tested on the college network.

The standard college allocation is the HP EliteBook 840 laptop:

  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 16GB RAM Memory
  • 256GB SSD Drive
  • 5 Year onsite warranty

The standard issue monitor is the 23” EliteDisplay Monitor. This standard specification machine is substantial, represents value for money and should meet the needs of most users. 

Because standard laptops aren't suitable for some users, TRP extends to desktops and other options. The end user will receive a £700 contribution towards the device selected. The remaining balance must come from a departmental or personal GL account.

To find out about the laptop range, see 'Get HP products' on the Buy computers and devices page. 

To discuss TRP eligibility or view and discuss the centrally held hardware options, contact the ICT Service Desk.

If the college’s standard offerings don’t suit your needs, you should discuss your computing requirements with your department’s IT representative and seek technical advice from your local ICT team. Prior to making any purchases, contact the ICT Service Desk to confirm that your requirement can be claimed under TRP.

A key aim of TRP is to standardise equipment across the college so that it can be easily supported and protected. As such, TRP will only cover purchases made via i-procurement from our chosen suppliers: HP Inc for PC products and Academia Ltd for Apple products. Equipment procured from other suppliers or as an expenses claim cannot be processed under TRP.  

Non-standard equipment may cost more than the standard desktop but TRP can only contribute the value of the standard college machine. The remaining balance must be funded by the user/department from their college GL account.

Delivery time for custom spec orders is about 21 days. Orders are only cancellable within 24 hours of the Purchase Order being raised.

TRP enforces a '1 in 1 out' policy: to keep the IT estate manageable and secure, we collect your old machine when we issue your new one.

If you are aware of any unused equipment, please dispose of it as per the advice given in IT equipment disposal

Yes. For further information visit the Get computers and devices page.

Under our HP Inc. contract you can use the HP B2B quote website to build hardware to your own specifications and get a quote. Once you've done so, you have to complete your purchase on the college iProcurement site. Before your hardware can be dispatched, your quote must be recalled and the goods purchased by an approved buyer via the college iProcurement site. Deliveries take around 21 days and orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours of a Purchase Order being raised.

You’ll find Apple products and college-negotiated prices on the Academia Apple quote portal. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to register using your college email address before you can view them. If you then wish to order a quote, you need to create a non-catalogue request in ICIS iProcurement and refer to the quote number in the PO item description. Please note that the purchase can be made only by an approved buyer.  

For assistance with custom-specification Apple orders email Delivery times vary. Bespoke orders can take up to 21 days and cannot be cancelled or returned once ordered.

ICT can give you general product advice via the ICT Service Desk. Our suppliers can be contacted via the following mailboxes:

HP Inc.  For all presales related queries including products, pricing and creation of bespoke quotes for items not on the quote portal.  For all post-sales related queries including order status and delivery information.

Academia Ltd. (our Apple reseller) For pre- and post-sales queries related to Apple purchases.

TRP covers centrally funded permanent staff but contingent and research funded staff are excluded. These users should speak to their direct supervisor and/or Department Administrator about their options.

Local ICT is on hand help repurpose unused equipment including reinstallation and troubleshooting. Depending on availability, your local ICT team may have spare cascaded equipment that they can release to you.

You can have Microsoft Windows 10, Oracle Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu Linux on your staff computer.

Monitors are only issued on an individual basis for new starters in newly created posts if their requirement is to have a desktop computer as their primary PC. If your requirement is anything other than a desktop the monitor will not be included.