eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It's accessible via 10,000 WiFi hotspots at universities, research centres, academies, schools, and other research and education institutions in more than 100 global territories and is free to use.

Imperial College London is a participating institution so, as a College member, you can use eduroam at other participating institutions. You can also use the eduroam network while on campus as an alternative to the Imperial-WPA network. 

By connecting to the eduroam network, you agree to the Janet eduroam policy

Install certificates to your device

Use the eduroam CAT installer to install the correct certificates so that you can securely access the eduroam network. 

Connect to eduroam

  1. Connect to the eduroam network in your WiFi settings on your device
  2. When prompted, enter your College username followed by ( and your College password

Note: You may be asked to accept a certificate, accept this and you will be granted access to the network. 

Instructions may differ for those coming from other institutions. Please contact your institutions ICT Service Desk for more information.


If you are an Imperial College member and have problems using eduroam, contact ICT Service Desk and supply the following information:

  • The date and time (including time zone) you experienced problems with eduroam.
  • Wireless MAC address.
  • The name of the institution you are visiting

If you are visiting from another institution, please contact your institutions ICT Service Desk for support.