Buy computers and devices

The College’s preferred suppliers for IT hardware are HP Inc. for computer equipment and Academia Ltd. for Apple products. We’ve negotiated competitive prices on products and extensive warranty cover and made it possible for staff to order hardware—for college use only—directly from the college iProcurement portal.

If you have a question about ordering computers, printers, smartphones, tablets, AV equipment or College telephones and mobiles, you will probably find the answer to it listed below. You'll also find info about our Technology Refresh Programme and recycling and disposal of IT equipment. Check this page first. If you can't find the answer you need, raise a generic request on ASK and state your question.

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Buying equipment during the COVID19 crisis

Buying ICT equipment

Purchases made on the College’s ordering system, iProcurement, can now be delivered directly to UK home addresses. Our preferred suppliers should still be used, which are:

  • HP – for Windows-based computers
  • Academia – for Apple computers & iPads
  • BT Business Direct – for IT consumables such as keyboards, mice, cables, USB sticks etc.

Due to a combination of ongoing global shortages of Intel processors and the increase in working from home, many suppliers are either extremely low on or out of stock of IT equipment, particularly laptops. Therefore it could be several weeks before you receive delivery of a new laptop.

If you have an urgent fulfillment for a standard HP computer or monitor, then ICT can arrange for these to be delivered to a home address. Raise a ticket on ASK and ICT will be in contact to discuss stock availability and options.

If approved by your line manager you may submit an electronic expense claim for small low-value purchases of the above items (i.e. less than £50).

For advice on equipment specification, please contact the ICT Service Desk

To make an order, please contact your departmental administrative team.

Please contact the ICT Service Desk if you need help setting up your new equipment.

How to order computers and devices

Computers, monitors and accessories can be ordered by approved departmental purchasers from the college's iProcurement website ICIS.

ICIS has been designed for convenience. It makes the purchasing process quick and easy and allows for purchases to be charged directly to nominated college department or project accounts. It connects straight to the ordering websites of our preferred suppliers HP Inc and Academia Ltd.

Please note that deliveries take around 21 days and orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours of a Purchase Order being raised.

If you have an urgent hardware requirement, the ICT department located at the South Kensington campus holds a small range of HP stock that can be purchased via an internal GL journal. Raise a generic request on ASK and make an enquiry about stock availability for urgent hardware requirements.

When you take delivery of new hardware equipment from Academia Ltd or HP Inc, you must raise a request on ASK so that the local ICT team can register and asset the equipment and help you with installation. These essential steps must be carried out before ongoing support and maintenance can commence.

IMPORTANT: Equipment purchased via ICIS iProcurement is for college use only and is not to be purchased for personal use.

For more help and advice about purchasing, visit the purchasing pages.

We ask that you dispose of your IT equipment responsibly and securely. See IT equipment recycling and disposal further down this page for full details of how to do so.

Get HP products

ICT works closely with HP Inc. to carefully configure a range of products that offer optimum value for money and a range of specifications designed to meet the requirements of most Imperial users.

The Imperial laptop range is offered to two designated user types, or ‘personas’: Administrative and Academic. These personas have been introduced to make purchasing decisions easier for staff. Each laptop is equipped with a level of computing power appropriate to the needs of its intended user.  

Under our HP Inc. contract, you can use the HP B2B quote website to build hardware to your own specifications and get a quote. Imperial login required. Items not listed on the HP B2B quote website may still be available for purchase however you will need to email our HP Inc. support team for confirmation of availability and the creation of a quote. Please note as these items are not standard Imperial offerings, there will be an increased lead time in terms of quote generation and delivery.

If you have trouble logging into the HP B2B website, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Once you've got your quote, you must then complete your purchase on the Imperial iProcurement site. Before your hardware can be dispatched, your quote must be recalled and the goods purchased by an approved buyer via the iProcurement site.

If you would like to share a quote you have created, please ensure you tick the "B2Bi Quote" box.

Deliveries take around 21 days and orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours of a Purchase Order being raised.

View the current HP range

Get Apple products

You’ll find Apple products and college-negotiated prices on the Academia Apple website. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to register using your college email address before you can view prices and specs. Each time you log in with your college details after that, the quotes on the site will automatically adjust to display costs for Imperial College London members.

Please note that purchases can only be made by approved buyers, who will order on your behalf through the Academia website in ICIS. To determine who your approved buyer is, speak to your department administrator about your department's purchasing arrangements.

For assistance with custom-specification Apple orders email Delivery times vary. Bespoke orders can take up to 21 days and cannot be cancelled or returned once ordered.

For personal (non-College) purchases of Apple products please visit the Imperial Academia site.

View the current Apple products range

Get new hardware set up

An ICT Support specialist will set up your new hardware for you. To let ICT know you require this service, log a request via the ASK portal 

Get AV equipment

As Imperial College London's appointed supplier of audio visual (AV) equipment, installation services and maintenance, Reflex Ltd covers:

  • lecture theatres
  • seminar rooms
  • other areas

Complete a Request AV equipment form to:

  • discuss refurbishment of equipment or other AV requirements in lecture theatres or seminar rooms 
  • discuss an overview of refurbishments that have already taken place
  • request a demonstration of available equipment and software 
  • get more information on the standard equipment list
  • request current costings

Get Telecoms equipment

Go to the Place a Telecoms order page for full details of how to order the following:

  • A new telephone or extension or a change to an existing setup
  • A new staff mobile, SIM card, dongle or mobile WiFi hub
  • A BT line for a freezer/lift auto-dialler, modem or a BT ISDN2 connection
  • An Intercall Reservationless-Plus account

Note that you cannot place an order directly. You must ask the Telecoms Representative for your department, institute, division or faculty to place an order on your behalf.

Get printers and printer supplies

Raise a ticket using ASK for the ICT Print Service and a member of staff will be in touch with you.

I want to check the warranty on my HP equipment

 Users can check the warranty status on their HP devices including computers and monitors by following the instructions found on the HP product warranty check page

 If you believe your device is faulty, please raise a generic request on ASK.

Please note accidental damage cover (ADP) is only available on HP laptop purchases and is not included as standard, this can be added separately to your basket as a 3, 4 or 5 year option.


I want to cancel my order?

For HP orders, please email the HP account management team within 24 hours of PO approval to enquire if your order can be cancelled. HP may apply a restocking fee.

For Apple products purchased through Academia Ltd, at the earliest opportunity please contact our account management team to enquire if the order can be cancelled. Items that are custom specification (configured to order) can only be cancelled within 4 hours of the Purchase Order being approved by contacting the above email address.

The Technology Refresh Programme

The Technology Refresh Programme renews the primary computers of staff members on a 5-year cycle and provides new machines to starters in newly created posts. It’s operated by ICT, and inclusion in it is subject to availability and eligibility. For further information go to the Technology Refresh Programme page

If you have a query about the Technology Refresh Programme or require advice and assistance with selecting the correct hardware specifications for your needs, contact your local department IT representative or submit a generic request to ASK

About personal purchases

Equipment purchased via ICIS iProcurement is for college use only and is not to be purchased for personal use.

IT equipment recycling and disposal

IT equipment recycling and disposal is managed by College Estates & Facilities. Illegal disposal of equipment can result in a fine. Purchasing and network records will be used to trace the originating department and responsible individual for back charging of any fines.

Book collection of equipment for disposal

To check disposal charges, book collection and disposal of IT equipment, submit a request with Facilites Managment. Visit the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment web page for more information. 

Toner Recycling

Estates & Facilities have placed toner recycling bins in all buildings. These can be used for all forms of printer toner and consumables.

Dispose of IT hardware securely

IT equipment that is out of use or that you plan to pass on to another user must be wiped of all sensitive information before being disposed of or reused. Simply deleting files is not enough as this may not erase them permanently. For information on how to wipe your device, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

Further support

For purchasing queries please contact your local department IT representative or visit the purchasing website.

ICT can give you general product advice. Raise a generic request in ASK stating your enquiry, and a member of support staff will contact you shortly. Our suppliers can be contacted via the following mailboxes:

HP Inc.  For all presales related queries including products, pricing and creation of bespoke quotes for items not on the quote portal.  For all post-sales related queries including order status and delivery information.

Academia Ltd. (our Apple reseller) For pre- and post-sales queries related to Apple purchases.

I have faulty computer equipment

If you believe your device is faulty, please contact the ICT service desk

If you purchased a computer under the College’s HP Contract via ICIS iProcurement, your computer will be covered by warranty (4 years for laptops and 5 years for desktops). If the warranty call is logged before 3pm, the on-site repair will take place the next business day. 

HP computer users can check the warranty status on their HP devices including Laptops, Desktops and Monitors by following the instructions found on the HP product warranty check page

Please note accidental damage cover (ADP) is only available on HP laptop purchases and is not included as standard, this can be added separately to your basket as a 3, 4 or 5-year option.