The Data Protection Act and related laws, in addition to Imperial College London Information Security Policy and Codes of practice govern and guide the access to, and management of, data and the use of College's IT facilities and networks. These policies are overseen by Central Secretariat.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in loss of access to services or systems and personal or institutional data loss, resulting in fines, expulsion or disciplinary action and even criminal proceedings.

Network blocks and bans

Received an email notification stating that you have been blocked from the network? Find out more at Network blocks and bans.

Conditions of use of IT resources 

You must make sure that you adhere to the Conditions of Use of IT Resources including the following:

  • Do not access or transmit pornographic or indecent material.
  • Do not attempt to access computer systems or applications that you are not authorised to use (known as hacking) or attempt to use other people's accounts.
  • Respect the copyright of others and do not infringe this through the illegal downloading or use of software, music, video etc.
  • Do not send emails or participate in forums etc. that harass or defame others.
  • Do not make commitments on behalf of the College that you are not authorised to make.
  • Be careful not to misrepresent the College on blog, wikis etc.
  • Use social networking sites with care. They are no different from any other form of publication and you could be legally accountable for any content.

Other useful policies