What is a CID? How do I find my CID? How do I find the CIDs of others?

For general information on College Identifiers (CIDs), read College Identifiers (CIDs).

Accessing and using the CID generator

Request access to the CID generator

You must know whether you require access to the Individual Database or the Corporate Database before requesting access to the CID generator.


  • Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to access ICIS, not Google Chrome or Safari.


To request access to the CID generator, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ICIS Authorisation (using Firefox or Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome or Safari).
  2. Select Submit request to update ICIS account.
  3. Click Proceed.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and tick CID generator.
  5. Click Proceed.
  6. Select the option you require.
  7. Click Proceed.

Your request has been submitted. Make note of the reference number displayed in case you have a query.

Using the CID generator

Search for a CID

Create a new CID

Find corporate CIDs

Corporate CID records are produced and held in a database known as the Corporate CID generator. Authorised users have enquiry access for the database to obtain the CIDs of companies that do business with Imperial College London.