Windows 11 is easier to use, easier to be productive, easier to be safe and easier to play. Find out more on Microsoft's webpages

Taskbar: Quickly get to your favourite apps, see the time, and more, right from the taskbar. For more info, see How to use the taskbar in Windows.

Search: Find files, people, settings, and more from Search on the taskbar. Or, select Windows logo key  + S. For more info, see Search for anything, anywhere. 

Dark mode: Make your screen easier on the eyes with dark mode. Select Start  > Settings  > Personalisation  > Colours . Then, next to Choose your mode, choose from dark, light, or custom modes.

Tabs in File Explorer: Just like a browser, you can open multiple tabs on File Explorer and quickly move files between tabs. Select Windows logo key  + E to open File Explorer. For more info, see Find and open File Explorer.

Notepad: Jot down ideas in Notepad—you can now use it with in dark mode or even switch your fonts. 

Snipping Tool: To capture an image from your screen, select Windows logo key  + Shift + S. For more info, see Open Snipping Tool and take a screenshot.