We support three main tools for business analytics, as well as some smaller, specialist tools. These tools are used for different purposes and together should provide a solution to the vast majority of your business analytics needs.

Each tool has a specific set of use cases, and should only be used with that in mind. For example:

  • Power BI is good for quick data modelling, but is not suitable for large scale, business critical reporting. Deployment in Power BI requires individual super-users to maintain and update.
  • ICA provides stable standardised reporting from systems of record, but is not a good tool for data mash ups. It requires pre-set, rigid data models and is not designed to handle fuzzier matching.

If you wish to set up new business analytics, the Information Insight team can advise on the right platform for your project. If you wish to access an existing set of business analytics, you should raise the request via ICT Service Desk.