Personal meeting ID meetings (PMI) are not available to Zoom users on the sitewide Imperial Zoom licence.  This is due to security concerns as PMIs are always accessible using the same ID or meeting link which will allow anyone to potentially join a meeting at any time.    

Once your account is migrated or you sign up to the Imperial site licence, existing PMIs and personal links will become invalid and cannot be used to host a meeting.  Users will receive a message that ‘PMI is disabled’ when attempting to access those meetings.   

Updating previously scheduled PMI meetings 

Any previously scheduled and recurring meetings using a PMI will need to be updated. ICT recommend that you log into the Zoom web portal, navigate to Meetings, and delete any Upcoming Meetings that use a PMI.  Once deleted, create new meetings and send out invites with the new information. Visit our support pages for guidance on scheduling.

Is there any change to how I schedule meetings if PMI is disabled? 

Scheduling workflows remain the same, but users no longer have the option in the scheduler to use a personal meeting ID. Every meeting will use a randomly generated Meeting ID. 

Alternatives to PMI meetings