The Human resources (HR) module of Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS) is a management system that is used to administer Human resources records.

For further information on the uses of this system, go to the HR web pages.

Request access to the HR module

You must know the HR Organisations you require access to in order to request access to the HR module. If you are unsure of the HR Organisations you require, contact


  • Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to access ICIS, not Google Chrome or Safari.


To request access to the HR module, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ICIS Authorisation (using Firefox or Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome or Safari).
  2. Select Submit request to update ICIS account.
  3. Click Proceed.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and tick HR.
  5. Select the Faculty you want access to.
  6. Click Confirm Faculty.
  7. Select the HR Organisation you want access to.
  8. Select Yes if you require access to all of the subgroups within the HR Organisation selected and click Confirm Primary Organisation. You request is now complete.
  9. Select No if you only require access to one particular Cost Centre and click Confirm Primary Organisation. A number of Cost Centres will appear for you to select. If you require more than one Cost Centre, highlight the first one and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and highlight the others.
  10. Click Confirm Selection.

Your request has been submitted. Make note of the reference number displayed in case you have a query.

Problems encountered when using the HR module

I am trying to complete the MOST training am unable to play it or it shows as In Progress.

Links do not work

  1. Click on 1. Health and safety matters. If nothing happens (the class should start), then this message is shown at the bottom of the page: Only secure content is displayed.
  2. Press the Show all content button on the message. A new window will open.
  3. Click on Leave this page in the new window. A new browser tab or window will open with the MOST class and all links will now work.

No detail is shown

If you click on the Play icon in ICIS My Trainingand see a blank page only, check the browser that you are using. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to access ICIS, not Google Chrome. If you are using a new version of Internet Explorer, you may need to download an earlier version.

Class is shown as Completed

After Play is clicked the class will be marked as Completed but this does not mean that the MOST training has actually been completed. Continue to read the materials in the online class and take the test.

The test is finished when it is marked as Passed.