Many of the ICIS modules, such as Purchasing and HR, are run using Java forms. These forms are currently loaded using Java RunTime Environment software, which is gradually being phased out by web browser manufactures. To allow ICIS to remain fully functional ICT will be implementing alternative software, called Java Web Start to load ICIS forms. As a result, ICIS users will notice a slight change in behaviour when opening and using ICIS forms. 

When opening an ICIS form users will be prompted to run a file called frmservlet.jnlp, which will then open a separate window outside of their web browser. The method for doing this will be different depending on which web browser is being used. Instructions for each browser are below.

ICIS Java based forms are currently not supported on any browsers on Mac OS following the release of Safari 12. Oracle are working to fix this or provide support on other browsers.

What browser should I use for ICIS?

Firefox browser

Using ICIS forms in Firefox

Microsoft Edge browser

Using ICIS in Edge

ICIS forms FAQ

Running two ICIS forms concurrently

Attempting to launch two ICIS form sessions concurrently using different browsers will not work.

This is the expected behaviour due to current technological limitations of the component as provided by Oracle. If attempted, the following message will appear on the active ICIS Java based form session.

Java warning

If you click 'yes', the new session will replace the old one. Choosing 'no' or 'cancel' will retain the form session with the initial browser used.

Only a single instance of the ICIS Forms application runs on a given browser at any time.

For example, using Java Web Start to launch the Forms application from Edge will start a single Forms session. After that happens, using Firefox ESR on the same browser to launch a Forms link from the same ICIS environment will direct the focus to the Forms application that was already launched by Edge.

Issues closing HTML pages after opening from ICIS forms application


An additional dialog box appears when closing an HTML page as shown in the following screen shot:

IE warning

Click OK to close the browser window or tab.

Google Chrome

Closing an HTML page leaves a blank tab or window open. This can safely be closed manually. These blank tabs or windows may accumulate as you open/close further pages from the Forms application.

Build-up of JNLP files in the Browser's Download Folder

Launching the ICIS java Forms requires the download of a JNLP file frmservlet.jnlpfrmservlet (1-n).jnlp).

Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge save these JNLP files in their respective browser's download location on the local PC. These are automatically removed by Java Web Start when launched from the web browser by following the instructions described in FAQ articles above.

A build-up of JNLP files on the local file system may occur if the end user does not launch the downloaded JNLP files. It is safe to manual remove old JNLP files from the browser's download directory for those that were not used to launch the ICIS Forms.