Distribution lists allow you to easily contact a large group of people.

There are three main distribution list tools we use at Imperial:


Bulk email guidance

The following tips will ensure that your email message reaches its intended audience:

  • Ensure that the message is only sent once to each recipient
  • Try to make the subject of the message as specific as possible
  • If the recipients have opted to receive messages from you, provide a means by which they can unsubscribe from them
  • Don't email list members more frequently than they would reasonably expect to hear from you
  • Following these suggested practices will help prevent email messages you send being discarded as spam.

If you regularly send bulk emails for marketing purposes, you may wish to read the Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations provided by the Office of the UK Information Commissioner.

 Sending email messages to large numbers of recipients without prior authorisation is not permitted. If you wish to send such a bulk email message, you should contact the ICT Service Desk and ask for information on obtaining the proper authorisation.

Attachment restrictions

The maximum permitted size of email attachments is 25MB. Anything over that size will be blocked. We also block attachments which are considered to be dangerous. That includes:

  • Any attachment that is detected as a virus by our antivirus systems
  • Any executable file (such as .exe .scr .bat), even if it is contained within an archive such as a Zip file. We do not block all Zip files, just those that contain executables. Zip files that contain documents or images are not blocked

You can send files of up to 2GB with our File Exchange service both internally and externally, or you can share files using OneDrive for Business.