These pages will be updated with FAQs based on user feedback during our efforts to replace Windows 10 devices across Imperial. 

Installation support

The Service Desk will be on hand to help staff members with the move to Windows 11. More detailed support procedures will be provided after completing our Windows 11 upgrade/replacement form in ASK

Using Windows 11

If you need help using Windows 11, check the Microsoft Windows 11 Help Centre or watch the videos from the Windows 11 Essential Training course on LinkedIn Learning for step-by-step guides of the features in Windows 10. 


I'm still using Windows 10, what happens after 14 October 2025?

on 14 October 2025, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 10, unless under paid for extended support. Imperial laptops and desktops which are on Windows 10 without extended support after October 2025 pose a security risk. 

ICT is working with the university community to ensure that devices running Windows 10 are either upgraded or replaced with as little disruption as possible. 

How to check what version of Windows my device is operating? 

To find out which version of Windows your device is running select the 'Start Menu> Settings> System> About'. Under 'Windows specifications', check which edition and version of Windows your device is running. For more information visit Microsoft support web pages

How to check if I have a university managed computer?

To check if your device is managed by Imperial please type 'Software Center' into the 'Start Menu' and click the icon. If the application successfully opens your computer is managed.

What are Supported/Unsupported Devices?

Unsupported devices are those where our university approved vendor, HP, has ceased support on the version of the operating system we are targeting. 

When does a device qualify for an upgrade?

If your device is on Windows 10, and is still within support of HP, we will upgrade the operating system to Windows 11. If your device is on Windows 10 and no longer supported by HP, we will replace the device.  

Can I get a docking station for my laptop

Where necessary we intend on providing docks with each laptop. 

Can I get a monitor for my laptop?

We will not be providing monitors. Please contact the Service Desk if you require a monitor or any other IT equipment.

When will you replace lab equipment?

We understand the complexities involved in replacing devices that are connected to lab equipment (such as undesired downtime of critical equipment, vendor engineers needing to be present etc.) 

For lab/specialist devices in which an upgrade to Windows 11 is not possible by October 2028, we will:

  • Look to see if the device can be operated using a “bridging” computer. This will be a Windows 11 laptop that will sit between the Windows 10 device and the network, isolating it from the network. You will then remote into the Windows 10 device using the Windows 11 laptop when you need to transfer data.
  • On a case by case basis, look to see if a software upgrade would provide the solution.

Installing software on Windows 11

The exact method that you use for installing software will depend on what software you have and the license.

Some software will be available for download from the Software Centre or the Software Hub. Please note that in some cases you may be required to buy new software. This is because your original software has a one-time license key or may have been inherited from a previous user.

ICT will support you with your move to Windows 11, please complete our Windows 11 upgrade/replacement form to speak with an engineer and discuss your options.