Email access

Once you have met your offer conditions, you will be sent an email from ICT with your Imperial email address and other important details.

You can access your mailbox from Microsoft Outlook. To login, please enter your Imperial username followed by and your Imperial password. Your username and password are the same as you have been using for the Student e-Service. 

Check out our Office 365 web pages for more information about email and all the other free apps you benefit from.

Connect to Wi-Fi

You can use the Imperial-WPA wireless network on our campuses. To connect to the Wi-Fi, use your Imperial username and password. Find out more about Wi-Fi by visiting our Wi-Fi and networks web pages. 

Connect to the internet and telephones in your Halls of Residence

You can connect to the Imperial WPA Wi-Fi network in your halls, or connect using an ethernet cable. Once plugged in, open a browser  prompted to register your device to activate your connection. Find out more on our Register a device on the Halls of Residence network web page.

It is important that you do not connect your own wireless router to avoid interference with the Imperial Wi-Fi.


Most Halls have telephones in the bedrooms. Students can use their phones in Halls to call local, national & UK mobile numbers free of charge. If you want to call internationally then you will need to buy a phone card. Visit our Telephones and mobile web pages for more information. 

Internet access for visitors

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the college estate via Sky Wi-Fi. Connect to The Cloud from the available network list, open a browser and follow the instructions to register.