At Imperial, we offer several different options for where you can save your files. This includes personal files, files that you wish to share with others, sensitive information or large volumes of data.

File typesStorage options
 Personal files

For your personal files, we recommend saving them to OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business is part of Office 365 and allows you to save your files securely and conveniently. You will also be able to access your files from anywhere and at any time – all you need is access to the internet.

The College is looking to decommission the H: Drive and therefore do not recommend using it to save your personal files. For more information visit our H: Drive (Home Directory) web pages.

Sharing documents and collaborating with others

For collaboration within groups and teams, we recommend you use Microsoft Teams where you can work on documents together and have a shared file repository.

If Teams doesn’t work for you, then we also offer shared group file spaces for staff.

Large files can be shared to internal and external contacts using the File Exchange or using OneDrive for Business. Find out more on Sharing large files webpage. 

Large volumes of data

If you are a researcher and need to save large volumes of information, you can either use the research data store or Box.

We also offer hosting services for servers, websites, databases and files, typically to support specialised work, and also options for storing live data for your research needs.

Sensitive data

If you need to store sensitive data, please contact the ICT service desk who will recommend the best option depending on your requirements. 

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Read our tips and tricks to ensure you don't lose your files.

College business should be conducted only on information services provided by the College. Using non-College information services to carry out College business puts College data at risk and therefore is not allowed except with sufficient justification. For example, OneDrive for Business should be used instead of Dropbox, Google Drive and Docs etc. For further information, read our guidance on cloud applications.