Download Zoom

From a personal device, you can download from the Zoom download centre

From an ICT managed PC you can download via the software hub and those on managed Mac devices, please open Self-Service and click on the Zoom install icon.

Zoom is a video and web conferencing platform that is fully supported by ICT.  Zoom is used in a number of faculties to support a wide range of collaborative activities.  Please note that for teaching and learning purposes, the preferred ICT solution is Microsoft Teams. If you would like to use Zoom for teaching and learning purposes, please contact your local Ed-Tech team for information on its use in your faculty.

The following settings have been enabled as part of the ICT Zoom licence:

Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

To provide a consistent experience for students and staff, ICT recommends that you use Microsoft Teams to deliver teaching and learning. Microsoft Teams is the officially supported solution for delivering synchronous teaching sessions.

The features of Teams and Zoom are very similar and both work on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android; but Microsoft Teams integrates smoothly with all MS Office 365 tools, Banner, Blackboard, and Celcat. Teams is the recommended solution for all learning and teaching use. Find out more about when to use Zoom or Teams

Help and support for Zoom

For further assistance with Zoom, use the links below: