Imperial does not yet support the new version of Outlook for Windows. Guidance and further information will follow when it falls under support.

Check which version of Outlook I have.

This section of the how-to guides looks at how to set up email on your devices, and general information on how email works at the College. 

The Microsoft help and support pages for Outlook offer detailed guides on how to use Outlook email; including information on:

Setting up email on my device

Find out how to set up email on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device


All Staff and Students have a quota of 50GB on their Office 365 mailbox, and a personal online archive associated with their account. There are no facilities for increasing the quota further. All staff are provisioned with email archiving to help them manage their mailbox.


You are limited to sending attachments of up to 25MB. We also block attachments which are considered to be dangerous, this includes:

  • Any attachment that is detected as a virus by our antivirus systems;
  • Any executable file (such as .exe .scr .bat), even if it is contained within an archive like Zip files. We do not block all Zip files, just those containing executables. Zip files containing documents or images are not blocked.

For specific sharing and collaboration tools, visit our Sharing and collaboration pages or contact the ICT Service Desk.