Why register new contingent workers?

Registering long-term visitors and contractors will enable you to record and manage the details of people who are working at Imperial College London temporarily. You can:

  • maintain details of projected end date, emergency contacts, job title, location and whether he or she works in a laboratory;
  • obtain security card access, a College email address and username for your worker;
  • report on and manage the expiry of his or her contract'
  • remove security card access when his or her contract expires automatically.

Request a College ID card, account and email address for a new Contingent worker

Creating a contingent worker record in Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS) will allow your contingent worker to have a College ID card, account and email address for the duration of the contingent worker's contract. Each department is responsible for creating and maintaining the data record for your contingent workers and this is usually done by the Departmental Administrator.

Contingent workers must conform to the College Information Systems Security Policies, in particular the Conditions of use of IT resources.

Requirements for creating a record

The Minimum amount of information required to set up a Contingent worker record:

  • type of contingent worker;
  • first name;
  • last name;
  • title;
  • gender;
  • date of birth;
  • planned end date (this is the date his or her contract is due to expire. This cannot be more than one year in the future.)
  • Departmental Administrator's name. (This person will get an email from ICIS one month before the worker's Planned end date informing him or her to extend the contract or remove the record in ICIS if the worker is leaving or has left.);
  • department or section;
  • whether a College account, email address or ID card is required.

Further information that is required:

  • supervisor's name (this person will receive an email from ICIS one month before the worker's Planned end date.);
  • personal address and telephone details;
  • emergency contact details;
  • job title;
  • purchase order number (if applicable);
  • payment information (if applicable and only for reference);
  • whether the worker works in a laboratory and/or has completed his or her pre-employment questionnaire (these fields must be completed and are on the Add Information tab).

Ensure you have the correct permissions to create a Contingent worker record in ICIS.

When setting up the record, ensure that you specify the correct type of contingent worker:

  • Contingent worker
  • Academic visitor (CWK)
  • MRC employee (CWK)
  • Imperial Innovations staff (CWK)
  • Visiting researcher (CWK)
  • Agency temp (CWK)*.

*Agency temp should be used for all agency staff that are resourced by an external agency and are paid directly by that agency, not via the College payroll system.

How to create a record


  • Please use Firefox or Microsoft Edge to access ICIS, not Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer (IE).


To create a Contingent worker record in ICIS please read our Contingent worker user guide for ICIS (pdf), which includes step by step instructions on how to create and manage records in ICIS.

To set up a contingent worker as a buyer in iProcurement, request access to the Purchasing module for him or her via ICIS.