You must read these terms and conditions before requesting the virtual servers for research group (Private Cloud) service.

Terms of the service

  • We will provide a virtual server for you with the requested operating system (OS) and virtual resources (CPU, RAM and disk) for the requested period of time.
  • Either you have the authority to use or have obtained permission to use the cost centre code you have provided to be charged for the service. We will charge the whole amount at the start of the rental period.
  • As resources are committed at the time of order, we cannot provided refunds if you no longer require the hosted server during the agreement period.
  • Virtual servers will be configured to automatically apply OS security patches, in accordance with the Imperial's Information Systems Security Policies.
  • Virtual servers provided by this service cannot be used to store sensitive data. It requires additional security and you should discuss your requirements with us to ensure that any sensitive data is adequately protected.
  • Provision for backup of your server is not included in the cost. We offer a central backup service on request.

Provision of service

We will inform you of any scheduled non-urgent maintenance downtime at least seven days in advance of the work. It may be necessary for us to conduct emergency maintenance without prior notice or disconnect your server in the event of a security breach or other major incident.

Additionally, we will provide:

  • reporting on hardware resource usage on the virtual hosted system on request, to assist you with OS configuration or troubleshooting;
  • notification when the expiry date of your agreement draws near and provide options for renewal.

Your responsibilities

By accepting this agreement you become responsible for:

  • the security of the server and all installed applications;
  • the safeguarding and backup of any data stored on the server;
  • the configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the installed operating system and any application in all circumstances, including application upgrades;
  • installing all OS security updates in the event that the automatic operating system patching is disabled.