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Recognising our staff 

We are committed to building a supportive, inclusive, and highly motivated community in ICT. As part of this commitment, we have created the Imperial Celebrates Together Awards (ICT Awards) to recognise and celebrate the achievements and hard work of our staff.

Our awards are aligned with the five Imperial values and Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI)​. The Imperial values both underpin and reflect our behaviour and are critical in shaping our working environment and therefore recognition and prizes are awarded to those who display these behaviours in their work.

How to nominate ​ 

Nominations are open to anyone across Imperial to recognise an ICT staff member. You may have collaborated with them on some work, or received help and support which has gone above and beyond your expectations.

Nominations can be made for individuals or teams. There should be a clear, collective achievement/behaviour for team nominations.  ​ 

To nominate, please complete our ICT Awards nomination form.

We ask that you add as many details as possible when nominating and showcase how individuals or teams have aligned their behaviour to the associated Imperial value​.

The Awards

The nominations are considered by ICT Assemble, a voluntary group of ICT staff made up of individuals from across the department, who will choose quarterly winners against each value in a democratic vote. Not every category has to have a winner, so make sure your vote counts by submitting a nomination with as much detail as possible. Additional “highly commended” awards are available for each category.

Our awards are quarterly (March, June, September, and December) with winners recognised at our all-staff meetings.

Prizes ​ 

Winners: ​ 

  • A certificate signed by Jenny Rae, CIO.​ 
  • A flexible gift voucher worth £100.​ 
  • A choice of College mementos from the College union shop.​ (max spend £40)

Highly commended: ​

  • A certificate signed by the CIO.​ 
  • A flexible gift voucher worth £50.​ 

2023 ICT award winners

Q1 award winners

  • Rishi Verma, Collaboration - winner
  • Liz Scholfield, Collaboration - highly commended
  • Simon Etherton, Excellence - winner
  • Rob Sherwood, Innovation - winner
  • ICT Administration Team (Karen Vincent, Solvita Kukulite, Sue Jackson and Suyai Ehlers), all values - winners

Q2 award winners

  • Bhups Patel and Dan Ott-Mia, Collaboration - winners
  • Julian Hamer and Mahmoud Mohammad, Excellence - winners
  • Andrew Lewis, Innovation - winner
  • Unified Acccess team (Mark Carter, Tom Willson, Ingrid Joannou, Steve Barrett, Ben Collinson, David Stockdale, Neil Hanham, James Taylor and Jason Bennett), Innovation - highly commended
  • Dugan Witherick, Integrity - winner
  • John Ramsay and Jonathan Blatchford, Integrity - highly commended
  • Ingrid Joannou, Respect - winner
  • Jo Birch, Respect - highly commended
  • Adrian Mannall, EDI - winner
  • Jenna Kempton, EDI - highly commended

Q3 award winners

  • Reenit Shah, Collaboration - winner
  • Cat Buckle, Collaboration - highly commended
  • Matt Cain, Excellence - winner
  • Clive Fernandes, Excellence - highly commended
  • Digital Campus Team (Liam Jones, Carl Bouchard, Haipei Chen, Yahya Mohamed and Aiysha Hanif), Innovation - winners
  • Matt Haydon, Integrity - winner
  • Graeme Garrad, Integrity - winner
  • Farrukh Mirza, Respect - winner
  • Liz Scholfield and Robert Sprigens, EDI - winners

Q4 award winners

  • Judy Asenguah, Collaboration - winner
  • Lizzie Eustace, Collaboration - winner
  • Ata Rahman, Excellence - winner
  • Ant Bradbury, Excellence - winner
  • Jonathan Blatchford, Excellence - winner
  • Niall Casey, Excellence - highly commended
  • Archana Santosh, Excellence - highly commended
  • Zack Khalifah, Innovation - winner
  • Kam Chaggar, Innovation - highly commended
  • Data and Analytics Team (Maria Teresa Douglas, Gemma Seabrook, Akash Junghare, Jose Vidal Fidel, Cho Fung Chan, Raghav Nallani and Srini Pullakandam), Innovation - highly commended
  • Ben Collinson, Integrity - winner
  • Chaki Smith, Respect - winner
  • Yousaf Faiz, Respect - winner
  • Bouquette Kabatepe, EDI - winner