Nominations for the ICT awards are reviewed by ICT Assemble, a group of colleagues who volunteer from different teams and roles across the department. 

To give your nomination the best chance of being considered for an award, we’ve put together some advice below. 

  • Say what a person/team specifically did to meet the value you are nominating them.
  • Mention the impact their work had or its outcome. Be as specific and detailed as you can.  
  • You can give multiple examples of a person/team meeting a value if you wish. Just remember that staff have limited time to review nominations, but a certain amount of detail is needed to understand how the person or team you are nominating for meets the chosen value. 
  • Don’t list endless adjectives e.g. helpful, friendly, responsive without giving clear examples. 
  • Avoid generic statements like “doing a good job” or “demonstrated collaboration” without providing examples. 
  • Provide details even if they seem obvious to you. ICT is made up of over 300 staff and most of us don't know the specifics of each staff member’s work! 
  • Use simple, clear, everyday English. Define acronyms, avoid technical language where possible and explain terminology if you must include it. 
  • Try to keep your nomination to no more than 3-4 paragraphs. 

Questions to ask yourself/structure your nomination 

How did the person/team you are nominating demonstrate the chosen value?  

What specifically did they do in their work to achieve this?  

What was the impact or outcome of the work they did?