To connect to the wired network, you must ensure that your machine is registered with the network and that the network socket is live. 

Registering a device on the network

There are two ways to register your machine on the College network and the method you choose depends on whether you own the device or it's owned by the College.

Self register a personally owned machine or device

  1. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into your device or adapter and the other end into any College data socket
  2. Open a web browser and you will be redirected to the College self-registration webpages
  3. Follow the registration steps as directed

Register a College-owned machine or device

To register a College-owned machine or device, contact the ICT Service Desk with the following information:

  • The type of device you wish to connect.
  • The MAC address of the device. The ICT Service Desk can advise you on how to find this
  • The operating system and version running on the device
  • The ICT asset tag, if the device is tagged. This is a small sticker with a barcode, an ICT prefix and eight numbers e.g. 00001234
  • The number of the network socket to which you wish to connect. This should be marked clearly on the socket and be in the format NUMBER/LETTER/NUMBER e.g. 266/a/13
  • The location of the device (room, floor, building and campus)
  • The username of the primary user and (if different) the custodian. The primary user is either the day-to-day user of the device or the person responsible for shared devices (e.g. printers, shared lab PCs). The custodian is defined as having formal responsibility for the device and ensuring that it complies with the IT Security policy.

Using a live network socket

If you plug your machine into a network socket and cannot log in to the machine or the machine cannot connect to the network, the socket may not be live. To request that the socket be made live use the Network socket - make live form on ASK and provide the name of the socket e.g. 266/A/15, MAC address, IP address and location.

Installation of network sockets is normally performed as part of ongoing works. However, the set up of a new socket can be considered to be provided at a charge to your department. To request setup of a new network socket, contact the ICT Service Desk and state that you wish to have this done.