From 15 June 2022, Microsoft will begin phasing out Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 10 users being redirected to use Microsoft Edge. 

Internet Explorer mode’ will be set automatically within Microsoft Edge on all College devices for websites known to have Internet Explorer dependencies - this enables applications such as ICIS and Discoverer to be used with full functionality.

What College known websites will work in IE mode on Edge?

ICT have configured IE mode for best practice on College maintaned devices for the following websites:

You can set additional webpages to run in Internet Explorer mode by following these instructions on our Knowledge Base, or you can use this IE mode test page to check if you have Internet Explorer mode enabled on Microsoft Edge.

If you believe any additional webpages should be set to Internet Explorer mode for all College devices then please contact ICT Service Desk.

Windows 7 users

Windows 7 users can still access Internet Explorer, but it will be unsupported (with Windows 7 reaching End Of Life in January 2023), so ICT highly recommends you to upgrade to Windows 10 for improved security, better Office 365 integration and improved productivity features.

Find out more about Windows 10 and how to upgrade.  

Contact the Service Desk if you have any questions about IE decommission or Edge.

How to check IE Mode in MS Edge

  1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser (this should already be installed on College Windows 10 devices).
  2. Navigate to this test page on Microsoft Edge.
  3. If you can see the Internet Explorer (IE) logo in the top left of the browser window you have already got IE compatibility mode switched on for known College websites, such as ICIS and Discoverer. See below screen shot:

4. You can now close the test page in Edge.

Further help