ICT is no longer supporting the creation of new Mailman lists. We advise users to use an Office 365 group over Mailman distribution lists, as they offer more functionality such as shared calendars and file storage, and are more secure as they use your Imperial password.

Existing Mailman mailing list owners/users

A Mailman mailing list is:

  • Managed via a web-based interface and/or email-based commands;
  • Supports internal and external (i.e. non-Imperial) addresses;
  • Populated with a rich feature set of both list and user-based preferences (e.g. list archiving, digest mailing).
  • Often used for newsletter sends to societies

View current Mailman lists

View the list of public Mailman lists.

Manage a Mailman distribution list

Administer your list

A link to the list administration site is included within the welcome email when a list is created.

Make your list private

You can hide your mailing list from the list above, by going to the Privacy options section of the list administration site.

Mailman passwords

  • Passwords are set per list (for configuration, administration and moderation). Each member of each list has a separate password for each list they belong to.
  • These passwords are not secure and they are not your Imperial password.
  • The default action of lists is to send the password to the relevant member's email address once a month as a reminder of the membership to the list. They are used to control access to user-based list preferences and list archives where applicable.
  • The web interface provides detailed explanations for each configuration option available.