A Mailman mailing list is:

  • Managed via a web-based interface and/or email-based commands;
  • Supports internal and external (i.e. non-Imperial) addresses;
  • Populated with a rich feature set of both list and user-based preferences (e.g. list archiving, digest mailing).
  • Often used for newsletter sends to societies

We would advise users to use Outlook Groups over Mailman distribution lists, as they offer more functionality such as shared calendars and a file storage and are far more secure as they use your College password. 

If you would still like to use a Mailman mailing list, complete our online form in ASK.

View current Mailman lists

View the list of public Mailman lists.

Manage a Mailman distribution list

Administer list

A link to the list administration site is included within the welcome email when a list is created.

Make a list private

You can hide your mailing list from the list above, by going to the Privacy options section of the list administration site.

Mailman passwords

  • Passwords are set per list (for configuration, administration and moderation). Each member of each list has a separate password for each list they belong to.
  • These passwords are not secure and they are not your College password.
  • The default action of lists is to send the password to the relevant member's email address once a month as a reminder of the membership to the list. They are used to control access to user-based list preferences and list archives where applicable.
  • The web interface provides detailed explanations for each configuration option available.