At Imperial, we offer shared group spaces for departments to save team files on our secure central network. This same functionality and more can be achieved by creating a SharePoint site for your team and at no charge. 

If you are still interested in acquiring a group space contact the ICT Service Desk who can discuss your requirements.

File space quota

  • The minimum quota allocated to each department is 100GB
  • Departments with more than 100 staff receive proportionately more space

Get group space

Group space can be purchased by completing the new group space request form on ASK.

Purchase additional group space

Additional space can be requested by completing this shared group space increase request form on ASK.

The costs are over a three year period, as follows:

  • £50 per 100GB for up to 2TB (2000GB) of storage;
  • and £25 per 100GB for additional space beyond 2TB.

Extra group space for teaching purposes is free of charge.

Access and manage group space

You need to know the path (location) of your group space before you can follow these instructions and access it. If you're not sure what your path is, contact the ICT Service Desk and a member of the support team will help you.

Group spaces

  • Select Go from the Finder menu
  • Select Connect to server...
  • Enter your the path (location) in the Server Address box in this format: cifs://servername/sharename/foldername, e.g. 
  • If you haven't already logged in with your College username and password, enter them now to connect
  1. Click inside the Search box then type This PC
  2. Select This PC from the best matches. 
  3. Click on the Computer tab, then select Map network drive
  4. In the Drive list, select a drive letter. (It can be any letter that does not have a path next to it already) 
  5. In the Folder box, type the path of the folder or computer, or select Browse to find the folder or computer. e.g.,
  6. To ensure that the network drive automatically connects each time you log in to your PC, please select the option Reconnect at sign-in
  7. Select Finish

Manage your group space

In order to manage user access to group space, you need to first create a mailing (distribution) list. You will manage access to the group space by adding and removing people to the mailing (distribution) list.