Free licences for VMware are to be used for research and teaching purposes only.

Get VMWare

  1. Go to the On The Hub website
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Enter your College username and password
  4. You will then be displayed the VMWare options available for you to download.
  5. Click Add to cart for the item you want to download
  6. Go to your cart, and you will be able to start your download. You will also be sent an invoice to your email. 

Products include:

  • VMware vSphere Advanced
  • VMware Fusion (for Mac)
  • VMware Workstation (for Windows)
  • VMware Workstation (for Linux 32 Bit)
  • VMware Workstation (for Linux 64 Bit)

If you intend to use VMware for purposes other than teaching and research, you will have to pay for a licence. Contact the ICT Service Desk to find out the cost of VMware licences.