What is Yammer?

Find out how to access Yammer, join a group, follow people or write a Yammer post

Yammer is a communications and social network platform. Stay in touch, start conversations, share and collaborate within groups organised by structure, topic or project. Set up public and private groups and involve external partners, securely.  

If you decide to use Yammer to create a connected group, it’s not integrated with other 365 Groups or Teams. You will not be able to use the Outlook Conversations, Microsoft Teams, or the Calendar. 


Yammer Groups can be:

Public – seen and joined by any authenticated Yammer member. Adminstrators can refuse and remove group members but all content is public and can be viewed, or

Private – only joined if you are invited by an adminstrator. Content is private and restricted to group members. Small private groups form the majority of activity on College's Yammer currently.

To join or create a Yammer group, access the Yammer app via College's 365 portal and select 'Discover more groups' or '+ Create a group' in the left-hand navigation pane. Groups you have created or joined will be listed here, too.

When the Finance, Operations Group and ICT (FOGIT) were looking for a way to surface bright ideas from their staff, Yammer was put forward. Over 250 staff are now members of the Yammer group and a number of innovative ideas spanning many areas have been discussed. Just like Facebook, members can like a post or comment and write a reply. We are also able to conduct polls and offer praise"

Adrian Mannall

Office 365 Guru