Moving to a product-based delivery approach has resulted in the following changes and benefits:

  • A customer-driven engagement and delivery model, that reflects how the College is organised, enabling ICT to build, evolve, and deliver to a technology blueprint.
  • End to end accountability in a single team for product roadmaps, costs, benefits, risks, issues, change activity and operational deliveries.
  • Simplify and flatten the department to empower our people and remove unnecessary hierarchy and duplication of effort.
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable subject matter technology experts for each product line and its related systems.
  • A collaborative, transparent and flexible way of working allowing technology to be delivered more effectively and efficiently by self-organising teams who can anticipate and adapt positively to change.
  • Improve customer focus and service experience.
  • Implement robust and effective governance, within ICT and with respect to wider College partnerships and interactions.
  • Create a collaborative Innovation Hub to improve service quality.

How we are organised

We have transitioned from a hierarchical-based line management model towards a matrix management approach which is centred around seven core functions. The Director of each function forms the ICT’s Leadership Team.

Functional areas