Imperial College Analytics (ICA) is a web-based Business Intelligence tool, presenting management information to you, as a member of Imperial College London staff, via interactive role-based dashboards. The tool includes data about students, research funding, research publications, procurement and outreach activities. External information is also available from HESA, research funders and the NSS survey.

We provide technical support for ICA and its underlying software (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition).

Can I get access to Imperial College Analytics?

Access to ICA is given when a user needs to access dashboards within it as a part of their job role, or as part of the creation of a new set of reporting. For the latter, please see Business Analytics Services. Where dashboards are already available, approval is required from the dashboard owner (i.e. the person responsible for the underlying data).

You should complete the College Information Security Awareness Training before requesting access to a dashboard.  To find out more about dashboards, go to College Data and Statistics Catalogue.

To request access to an ICA dashboard, please click here and then search for the form named Request Access to ICA

We will seek approval from the relevant dashboard owner(s) and you will be contacted with the outcome. Guidance on how to use the dashboards is provided within the relevant dashboard.

What are the best ways to access ICA?


The recommended browser for ICA is Internet Explorer 9. Other supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 10 (Internet Explorer 11 is NOT supported).
  • Safari 4.x and 5.x.
  • Google Chrome is supported, but if you experience any issues you are advised to try with the recommended browser (IE9).
  • Firefox is supported, but if you experience any issues you are advised to try with the recommended browser (IE9).


ICA is accessible through your mobile or tablet device browser.  This can be accessed on campus using the College WiFi or off-campus via the College Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

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