Staff and students across the College have been using Office 365 to aid them with their work and studies. Find out how they have been using the Office 365 applications below. 

Addy from ICT administration team uses Planner and SharePoint to be more organised in her role:

"Planner saves me so much daily anxiety (and sticky notes!) as it allows me to plan my day. I use it as a to-do list, keeping track of orders that can span over a long period of time, as well as projects I’m involved in. My role requires me to be at my desk as much as possible which would normally make collaboration quite hard, but the range of collaboration tools on offer allow me to be part of lots of different projects. SharePoint is a gamechanger – we worked on shared spreadsheets at the same time from any place which means the job gets done quicker and effortlessly. So much easier than finding a convenient time for everyone to sit down in one room together."

Nik, a Data Integration Analyst at the College doesn't send attachments anymore but works more collaboratively:

"The Office 365 digital collaboration tools allow me to easily share the current state of my documents via links, rather than sending as attachments. It also allows me to collaborate with others on my office documents, even at the same time and on my phone!"

 Liz, who works in the Centre of Academic English has been working on a project for isolated individuals and has been using Forms, Teams and SharePoint to connect them:

"With the help of ICT, we’ve created a way for those who are feeling isolated to join our Teams group in a safe and secure way. Users sign up using a form which links to a SharePoint site, which then automatically gives them access to the Teams chat where they can talk with others and make new connections."

Dr Paul Franklyn, a lecturer in the Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Materials has been using Teams and OneNote Class Notebook integration for more dynamic teaching:

"We’ve set up Teams for each year group, with subsections for each module they have. Lecturers only have access to the modules they teach. It allows for open conversation between students and staff in a more casual environment. Class notebook is incorporated for further collaboration, and BlackBoard and timetables are linked within the Teams making it a one-stop-shop for everyone."

 Martin, a Service Line architect has utilised PowerAutomate to link Office 365 applications to create a handy workflow:

"I use forms and PowerAutomate to schedule individual occurrences of regular meetings with linked OneNote Pages and a SharePoint Folder to hold documents etc. Flow can create a new OneNote page for each meeting I attend, 15mins before it starts."