Jenny RaeJenny Rae joined Imperial as Director of Products in January 2022 and is currently our Acting Chief Information Officer.

Jenny has 15+ years experience in product management and business transformation, she joins us from Found Ltd where she was the Chief Operating Officer.

Her previous product experience includes working as a Portfolio Product Lead at OneWeb. She also held various product and digital transformation roles at Vodafone and BT.

She is qualified with a first class honours degree in Business and Operations Management from Oxford Brookes and an MBA in Business Administration from Henley Business School.

Objectives for Products

The product lines are a delivery function which ensure that critical business services are maintained and delivered across the college. The product lines work with and are dependent on other ICT functional areas to deliver an effective service. This also includes wider stakeholder engagement / management across faculties and departments.  

The product portfolio includes an overview and description of both current and future products, as well as a product roadmap for change deliveries within the domain. The Product Lines each have a single product owner with a supportive team that consists of delivery managers, architects, testers, PSO support and a business relationship manager (BRM).

Core objectives for the Products team:

  1. Building a strong collaborative team with a shared clear vision and autonomy to make decisions within their product lines.
  2. Focus on ensuring service continuity by working with the Service Operations team, completing business risks around key priorities for the College.
  3. Given Imperial’s diverse customer base, Jenny believes ICT needs to grow its understanding of the College by working in partnership with customers to deliver the outcomes required.

The Product lines are responsible for lifecycle management of all applications within their product lines and for business engagement with the faculties and departments. Read our Product Release Notes for a summary of new products introduced to each line along with updates to existing products. 

Product lines work with the Technology Office to define road maps and are responsible for all change delivery, releases, and supporting processes. We are at the heart of delivering solutions that play a vital part in Imperial being world-class at research, teaching and learning.

Talk to our Product Owners if you have new requirements or if you think you need new or replacement technology for an existing system.