If you require an Imperial mobile, these can be ordered by your Telecoms Representative. All College mobiles use the O2 mobile network. Visit our place a telecoms order web page for information on how to order a mobile device (phone/tablet) and purchasing costs.



Calls and texts

The standard voice tariff costs £0.28 per month. This includes all local, national and UK mobile calls as well as domestic text messages.

International calls, calls to 0844, 0845 and 0870 numbers and other premium rate services are chargeable.


We have a shared 4TB of data for all Imperial mobile users so individual data limits are uncapped. This does not mean data is unlimited as individual usage will be monitored and non-work activity will be blocked.

Each month we divide the total cost of the 4TB data bundle by the number of data users so each user is charged an equal “subscription” fee. It is estimated this will cost around £3 per user per month.


O2 is the only UK network operator to retain their pre-Brexit EU roaming agreement. This means there are no additional charges for calls, text messages or data usage in O2’s Europe Zone.

What’s not included? 

  • Making calls or sending texts from the UK, to countries outside of the UK. 
  • Making calls or sending texts to premium-rate numbers, directory service numbers and some non-geographic numbers (which can vary over time).
  • Mobile broadband tariffs, as they can only be used in the UK.

Visit the O2 website for a list of countries that are part of the Europe Zone.

Rest of the World

All Imperial mobile users have O2’s Rest of the World 24-Hour Pass applied to their connection, which costs £7.50 per day (excluding VAT) and provides up to 500MB of data per day, depending on the country you are visiting.

In addition, 300 minutes of calls and 300 text messages per day in Rest of World Zone 1 are also included in the Pass.

Please check the specific allowances for the country you are visiting prior to travel on the O2 website.

We recommend that you use local Wi-Fi services wherever possible when travelling to minimise costs.


Your voicemail can be accessed by dialling 901 from your O2 mobile. The voicemail service is provided as standard and free of charge on Imperial mobiles.


Devices from O2 are covered by the standard 12-month manufacturer's warranty. There is no cover for lost or stolen devices.

Lost and stolen mobile phones

If you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, please contact O2 on 0800 090 1786 and request a bar be put on your SIM. Contact your Telecoms Representative for a replacement phone and SIM.

Replacement iPhones can be purchased from Academia's iPhone store. This service is only for replacement devices; new connections should still be purchased from O2.

Useful links for mobile users