If you need access or help with an existing IT service or application, or if you need to raise an incident, then contact our ICT Service Desk. You can raise and track the progress of a request or incident using ASK, our online self-service website.

Your enquiry will be triaged to the right team, so ASK is the quickest and easiest way to contact us.

ASK Improvements

The College is currently improving ASK to provide a better experience for our staff, students, and guests. The new and improved service is available and the team continue to make improvements.

Visit our Contact the ICT Service Desk web page for more information or find out about the project.

2. Speak to our Product Owners

Do you have a new technology request?  If you require additional features to an existing application or service, or strategic support for a new digital service or software, then you need to speak to our Product Owners.

Our Product Owners manage the product lines that reflect key business processes from the College. These include HR and Finance, Estates, Campus and Commercial, Student Lifecycle, and Cross Functional.

Visit our Products page for further information, including a summary of key services within each product line and the names of our product owners who can help you.  The Product Owners will work directly with you to understand your requirements.

3. Contact our Product Portfolio Office

If, after reviewing our web pages, you are still unsure who to contact or are unclear as to which product line your request falls under, then you can contact our Products Portfolio Office who will help route your request to the appropriate colleague.

  • Ellen Pengelly, Product Portfolio Management for Faculties.
  • Steven Parr, Product Portfolio Management for Professional Services Departments.