Ellen Pengelly is seconded to the role as Director of Business Operations.

Before this secondment Ellen served as ICT's Lead Digital Partner. 

Objectives for Business Operations

  • Business Operations provide administrative, commercial, learning & development, communications, financial, HR, governance, compliance, and quality management functions in support of all other ICT functional areas. 
  • Business Operations support business functions across all functional areas to leverage core business capabilities.  
  • These include purchasing processes, collaboration and communications platforms, recruitment services, learning and development services, among others, to ensure smooth running of business functions. 
  • Builds improved and automated processes to help improve collective use of all business functions across ICT functions.  
    Speak to the Head of Business Operations if you have any enquiries about ICT Governance or processes.

Ellen's vision: 

Business Operations defines how ICT functions as an organisation. We are very much at the heart of things, supporting our colleagues within ICT and the wider College over a range of services and activities. Going forward, I would like to see us take more of a lead role in shaping ICT, placing more emphasis on establishing greater connectivity between us and the technical functions and flow-through of information - for example from roadmaps to business plans to organisational planning. 

Ellen is passionate about staff empowerment and in addition to her role in Business Operations she leads on talent and recruitment activities for the department, creating an environment where staff can grow and develop.

The Business Operations team manages and supports staff to deliver the services they need to do their jobs, whether it is commercial engagement, development needs, financial transactions, administrative requests, communications opportunities, or governance processes.