‌To place and then track a Telecoms order, you will need to contact the Telecoms Representative for your department, institute, division or faculty.

Orders will only be accepted from your designated Telecoms Representative. Telecoms Representatives can use the Telecoms Shop to place an order, once they have the right information. See below for the information your Telecoms Representative requires to place your order.

Installation of a new telephone, extension or change an existing setup

Contact your Telecoms Representative and request one of the following:

  • The installation of an Imperial College London extension with or without a telephone.
  • A move or change to your existing extension location or set up (a change may include a change in Class of Service (CoS) or in display name).

For installations, relocations and changes on campuses supplied by NHS Trust Telecoms Departments (Charing Cross Campus with the exception of the Reynolds Building, Hammersmith Campus with the exception of IRDB, Levels 1, 3, 4 & 5 ICTEM (L-Block) and Burlington Danes Buildings and St Mary's Campus with the exception of Norfolk Place), please raise a Purchase Order on ICIS via your Departmental Administrator. Contact ThamesNet for assistance if required.

For installations, relocations and changes on all other medical campuses, please contact the Hospital Switchboard by dialling 0 from a hospital telephone and ask for the Telecoms Department.

New staff mobile, tablet, SIM card dongle and mobile Wi-Fi hub

‌To order a new staff mobile, tablet, SIM card, dongle or mobile WiFi hub, contact your Telecoms Representative with your contact details including which department you work in and the make and model you require. 

For the latest mobile phone and tablet costs, download the‌‌ June 2024 O2 price list.