The College and the ICT team support all activities to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

We value EDI and we have dedicated EDI Champions within ICT whose role it is to find ways of removing barriers, highlighting ways to improve, taking action to create a culture of equity. 

You can find out about current job vacancies, our Apprenticeship Scheme, our women in ICT, or read more about the EDI activites ICT are actively involved in below:

ICT EDI partnerships

Everywoman Tech Hub partnership

We are collaborating with everywoman as a partner of the everywoman Tech Hub.

  • To give our Imperial women an equal voice in the world of STEM ​
  • To shine a spotlight on women as role models who inspire success in others​
  • To foster an environment of inclusivity and opportunity​
  • Identifying Imperial women who can be nurtured to apply for Senior Level jobs. ​

The Hub is a dedicated online portal providing you with free career development resources, including articles, virtual events, mentoring, webinars and networking capabilities.​
It is open to all Imperial staff and students too, so sign up today and support us!

Hear more from our female leaders

  1. Read this interview with ICT and Digital staff on "Moving the needle on diversity"
  2. Watch this webinar: "From Manager to C Level: The Steps, skills and qualities that can give you the edge."

Women in Tech Excellence Awards

The Women in Tech Excellence Awards are important as they recognise top-performing women from across the technology space and provide inspiration for younger women looking to build a career in the tech industry.

The awards are designed to help move us as an tech industry towards a solution, by recognising and promoting the many talented women, and other success stories. There are places in IT for women, and this industry can lead to rewarding, fulfilling careers for everyone.

Congratulations to our previous winners

  • Jacqui Lipinski,  Highly Commended Digital Leader of the Year: Enterprise
  • Rachel Hayes, Highly Commended Rising Star of the Year: Public Sector & Universities

Bonus materials:

Collaboration, Innovation and Technology Forum​ (CITF)

CITF is a UK based sales-free membership organisation for technology professionals. It has 4,500 members worldwide across enterprise, academia, charities and the public sector​.

ICT have representation on the Council and we are currently expanding our subscription which includes bespoke events, resource library, SIGs, professional development and mentoring​.

Coding Black Females

ICT have partnered with Coding Black Females (CBF) whose provide opportunities for Black female developers to learn from and inspire each other, and empower the next generation to achieve success.

ICT works with CBF to highlight opportunities within Imperial, create networking events, and ideas exchange and to recruit the best tech talent ensuring we are creating a diverse and talented workforce to create products that are useful to our community.


Find out more

Contact for more information on our EDI partnerships.

You can find out about our current job opportunities on the Jobs site.