NVivo is an easy-to-use, collaborative qualitative analysis software that allows researchers to import, organise, explore, connect and collaborate on their data to reveal more significant insights from their qualitative data faster.

The software is freely available under a site license agreement managed by ICT.

If you have an Imperial device, NVivo software can be downloaded and installed from Software Centre (Windows) and Self Service (Mac).

You can download NVivo directly from the NVivo portal onto your personal device by following the instructions below:

  1. Create an account using the "Sign up now" option, using your Imperial email address.
  2. Go to Downloads and select NVivo 14 for Windows or NVivo 14 for Mac.

This will give you a 14-day trial version of NVivo, which you will need to activate with an Imperial license key. To access the software or obtain a license key, please complete this Purchase or access existing software form.