Startups in the White City Incubator in July 2020

Axitan Axitan is developing and commercialising a range of microalgae based biologics targeted at the animal health industry, specifically vaccine delivery as an alternative to injections.
Cytera Cytera have built an automated, low-cost cell culture system that can be stacked and controlled remotely, designed to reduce the amount of labour in laboratories.
MediSieve MediSieve have developed a technology that circulates a patient’s blood outside their body, similar to a dialysis blood loop, in order to capture and remove specific disease-causing agents. The technologies – a magnetic particle that can be coated with antibodies and a magnetic filter and magnet to capture and remove particles are in development with clinical testing underway. They are currently testing this technology to diseases including Malaria, Leukaemia and Sepsis.
Multus Media Low-cost, animal-free growth media that are specially designed for mammalian cell culture and large-scale applications. Their animal-free culture medium, is based on genetically engineered yeast that produces mammalian cell growth factors.
Pear Bio Pear Bio culture patient-derived tumor cells in a microfluidic chip to mimic a particular cancer and decide which cancer treatment gives the most benefits for each patient.
VisusNano VisusNano is a biotechnology start-up company developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens, which has the potential to revolutionise cataract surgery.
FreshCheck Quick confirmation of bacterial contamination with clear colour change
Puraffinity  Puraffinity have developed a novel bio-based adsorbent material that can selectively capture micropollutants including pesticides, pharmaceuticals and high-performance chemicals from wastewater.
Sime Dx Sime Dx is developing AI and data-based tools to capture critical healthcare data from babies. The first AI data-tool is a neonatal Lung Maturity Test (LMT), predicting Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS).
Smart Respiratory Products The Smart Peak Flow is a compact, self-monitoring digital peak expiratory flow meter (PEFM) for respiratory condition such as asthma. A smart asthma detector which plugs into a user’s smartphone through its headphone jack can help to predict a potential attack up to seven days in advance by recording the user’s lung function over time.
Affinity Biomarker Labs Affinity Biomarker Labs aims to help translate discoveries from academic and biopharma research labs by bringing analytical rigour and clinical expertise to the qualification, validation and testing of blood-based protein biomarkers. They provide services to both biopharma and clinical clients to support biomarker development programmes and facilitate the availability of safer and more effective drug or biotechnology products.
SixFold Bioscience Sixfold are developing safe and effective drug delivery systems for cell and gene therapeutics. They are developing technology to deliver high doses of medication direct to tumours, rather than affecting the healthy cells of cancer patients.
Addionics Addionics are developing a smart 3D structure for use in batteries to decrease charge time and increase the lifetime and range of the battery.
H2Go Power H2GO Power is a pioneering clean tech company that develop and deliver hydrogen energy storage technology for zero-emission, safe and reliable power supply, with a range of commercial applications.
RFC Power RFC Power are developing new classes of low-cost redox flow battery chemistry, leveraging concepts from fuel cells. Their patented hydrogen-manganese system combines optimised cell architecture with low-cost chemistry.
SweetGen SweetGen has developed a solution to improve the effectiveness of commercial wastewater treatment that acts in continuous, with no incubation time or conditioning required, at an almost negligible operational cost

Startup successes

Startup Success
Addionics Raised $6 million in funding led by Next gear Ventures including a $2.5 million EU Horizon2020 grant
MediSieve Secures £1.765 million in grant funding to pivot their technology to treat hyperinflammation in COVID-19