Biotechnology & Medical Research  
Brightcure BrightCure aims to treat recurrent urinary tract infections using probiotics as a treatment to kill bacteria in the bladder.
IO Cybernetics IO Cybernetics are building next-generation prostheses and human-computer interfaces.
Spyras Paper-based sensors to monitor breathing rates, volumes and gases on patientʼs breath in order to provide more detailed information to clinicians about their health.
Computers, Phones & Household Electronics  
Mind2Matter Mind2Matter have created earphones engineered to understand you and your music tastes by monitoring your brain’s responses to music and making better recommendations.
Jelly Drops Jelly Drops are vegan sugar-free sweets boosted with electrolytes, designed with dementia sufferers in mind to tackle high levels of dehydration.
Mighty Drinks Mighty Drinks have crafted the UK’s first chilled ready-to-drink plant-based tea lattes, brewed with Fairtrade, organic ingredients.
Healthcare Equipment & Devices  
Haptic Illusion A tactile device that uses virtual reality to create a fully immersive education environment for medical students.
NoBlu NoBlu produce fashionable and sustainable frames that house blue light filtering lenses for safe screen viewing.
Novonomics Novonomics provides business consulting services and is also designing medical devices.
TheMoment A non-invasive wearable device for Parkinson’s utilising pulsed cueing and focused vibrotactile stimulation to reduce symptoms of slowness and stiffness, resulting in improved movement.
Unhindr A wearable robotic liner for prosthetics that uses artificial intelligence to learn comfort settings and adapts to them automatically throughout the day.
VUI Diagnostics Making avoidable blindness a thing of the past by improving access to community eye screening using their patent-pending, portable plug-and-play device and software.
HealthUK HealthUK is building an online platform to make healthcare screening more effective.
Mangetoo A bespoke digital platform for making more personalised choices for evidence-based diets.
Nutritank Nutritank is an innovation hub for food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.
Hotels & Entertainment Services  
Swoop Meals Delicious and affordable meals to residents of London for a price of £2 directly from chefs.
Investment Banking & Investment Services  
Nodes.World Nodes.World is providing analyst coverage and research for private capital markets.
Passenger Transportation Services  
Dash Rides A corporate branded electric bike subscription service which empowers employees with a convenient alternative to public transport.
Personal & Household Products & Services  
Sweren  Sweren is all about bringing the beauty of nature into daily lives through original and unique items such as wooden wallets and bracelets.
Tempo Market Tempo Market is a camping equipment rental service that delivers directly to the campsite.
Be A Maker MakeLabs is pioneering in the Mindful Creativity industry by guiding their users to engage with a creative and an artistic activity for the benefit of their mental health.
Coillection  Coillection is revolutionising oil recycling in the UK by offering households a simple oil drop-off and collection service.
Communityy  Communityy is a digital common room and notice board created by students for students.
PeerRecruiter  PeerRecruiter is a peer-to-peer interview platform, powered by industry experts, allowing companies to hire better talent, faster.
Pelation Pelation is using innovative design and engineering to build the newest, safest, smartest, self-learning bike light and dashcam for urban cyclists.
Pluvo The Pluvo is a patent-pending product with an in-built filtration system capable of reducing harmful particulate matter and gases present in city streets.
Resolv Dispute Management Resolv Dispute Management have developed an online dispute resolution platform.
STUDIO LÄRA STUDIO LÄRA is developing friendly and accessible learning materials aimed at developing key future skills.
Renewable Energy  
Calortech UK Calortech encourages the adoption of; and investment into; sustainable energy assets such as energy efficiency, distributed generation and storage.
Specialty Retailers  
Wandering Tern A travel book subscription service, highlighting authors from different countries and bringing the world to people.
Software & IT Services  
AA Nexus Offers an unbiased independent review of corporate governance structures to gain trust of global financial markets and stakeholders.
Abnormal Design A computational art and design studio who craft beautiful algorithms that manifest as things you can touch, hear and experience.
AgriLabs A mobile app that provides easy access to nearby agricultural lab services such as soil, feed and water analysis.
AirWire This new smart system reads finger gestures and turns them to code to help to make programming electronics more accessible.
Arthronica Arthronica aims to use computer vision to prevent chronic pain and support doctors in diagnosis and treatment of arthritic conditions.
Breathe Battery Technologies Breathe Batteries are making charging faster and safer with adaptive algorithms which consider the unique and evolving condition of every battery.
Compass E-Learning The Compass platform addresses the need to create sustainable, regenerative and thriving futures through helping people learn in more diverse and accessible ways.
eShelf Allows shoppers to browse the best products from across different stores and automatically reserves them for collection.
Ethi Technologies A free and secure tool to allow individuals to find out more about their online presence through the analysis of their facebook data.
Glasshouse Global Glasshouse is a mobile app powered by AR that helps you find offers in your local area.
Intellisense Intellisense provides a broad range of analytics services to investigate past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.
Jacobian Solutions Jacobian Solutions is focused on creating innovative technology solutions that help customers achieve more in their everyday lives. Reinventing sports data by combining computer vision, AI and machine learning to create enterprise software solutions from real-time performance data.
Software & IT Services  
NeuralSpace NeuralSpace is ensuring that research-level AI solutions reach the industries that need them.
Project Automobility Project Automobility is researching the impact of automotive-based mobility to design solutions for physically navigating an increasingly complex world.
SSC Analytics SSC Analytics improves student performance and satisfaction in secondary education by analysing the data students generate over their studies.
Schoolx An ed tech startup training teachers and connecting them to students for face-to-face classes in a venue chosen from their extensive space network.
Signus Analytics A data science team building a track record of success driving innovation at some of the biggest firms in the UK by offering data science as a resource.
Sleeponea Using a data-driven intelligent platform, Sleeponea diagnoses sleep apnoea and assists both patients and clinicians in managing personalised treatment.
SOCRATES The team behind this startup are hoping their AI tool will empower medical students to become better doctors by developing their consultation, diagnostic and clinical reasoning skills.
Yokeru An AI-based triage platform which makes human-like phone calls to the most vulnerable households in our communities and utilises data on wellbeing to help local government, care organisations, and health systems.
Textiles & Apparel  
hydroCotton Growing radically sustainable cotton using technology that reduces the water and fertilisers needed by up to 80%.
Water and Other Utilities  
A compound that could be introduced to filtration systems to attract and trap microplastics, preventing them from entering the environment.
Zihipp Transforming the lives of patients with diabetes and obesity by developing safe and effective weight loss therapies.
Solar Flow Integrating two existing solar energy technologies into a single solar panel, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.
Software & IT Services  
Insendi A sector leading learning platform developed with expertise in course development, staff training and consultancy. 
CriteriaIP startupsStudent startupsTotal
 Number of active startups (as of 31 July 2019)  72  151  223
 Investment funds secured in 2018–19 (£ million)  21.6  27.7  49.3
Summary of the table's contents
GraphicsFuzz Academic startup acquired by Google
Jelly Drops Awarded £30,000 prize through EIT Food Global Venture Programme
Notpla Ooho product trial on London Marathon
Mitt Pilot launched of arm prosthetics
Spyras £10,000 Mayor of London Entrepreneur Award
Trik Pae Natwilai – Software Engineer Award – FDM everywoman in Technology Awards
Puraffinity Gabriella Santosa and Henrik Hagemann – Forbes 30 Under 30 – Europe – Manufacturing & Industry 2019
Ichthion Inty Grønneberg - MIT Technology Review Latin America Inventor of the Year
LYS Technologies Christina Blach Peterson – MIT Innovators Under 35
Summary of the table's contents
FreshCheck Quick confirmation of bacterial contamination with clear colour change.
Polymateria Biodegradable, recyclable, customizable and cost-effective plastics, beating global pollution.
Healthcare Equipment & Supplies  
Cytera Cytera have built an automated, low-cost cell culture system that can be stacked and controlled remotely, designed to reduce the amount of labour in laboratories.
MediSieve Drug-free malaria treatment using magnetic blood filtration.
Sixfold Sixfold are developing safe and effective drug delivery systems for cell and gene therapeutics. They are developing technology to deliver high doses of medication direct to tumours, rather than affecting the healthy cells of cancer patients.
Smart Respiratory Peak flow meter devices for mobile health solutions for asthma management.
Healthcare Providers & Services  
SIME DX (SIME Diagnostics) Realising the potential of photonics and machine learning in clinical diagnostics.
Therapeutic Frontiers* Human rhinovirus experimental infection model for the studies in human asthma and COPD.
Machinery, Tools, Heavy Vehicles, Trains & Ships  
Addionics Developing a smart 3D structure for use in batteries to decrease charge time and increase the lifetime and range of the battery.
HayBeeSee Developing affordable, always-on aerial robot which works in farms doing a variety of unautomated tasks. Their 'crop-hopper' drone is utilising a novel movement system to increase functionality and decrease operational risks and cost.
Affinity Laboratories Diagnostics and therapeutics through biomarker discovery.
Axitan Veterinary vaccines and peptides from microalgae.
GammaDelta Therapeutics Harnessing gamma delta T cells from improved immunotherapies for cancer and other serious diseases.
Pulmocide* Inhaled anti-infectives for targeted treatment of life-threatening lung infections.
Puraffinity Targeted filtering technology for micropollutants.
SweetGen Creating energy from waste water with innovative catalyst technology.

* Indicates an affiliation to Imperial through IP